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The Basics: 1968-1980 Javelin and AMX Spotter's Guide.
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Articles, Ads and Technical Info: Our library of old magazine clippings- info and pics.

  • On-Going Project Cars:
    Project: 'Raptor: A customized '74 AMX in the works! Watch the progress!
    Project: 'Lone Survivor': A '71 Matador MACHINE is ressurrected! Watch the progress!
    The Funnies: Auto-related humor.

    AMC Police Cars: The AMC Javelin Police Car, info and more!

    'Un-Car' Gallery: Cars owned by visitors to this site!
    AMC Racing Gallery: When stock just ain't enough.
    AMC Art Gallery: Original AMC Artwork by yours truly...and you(?).
    Foreign AMC? Info and pics on the AMCs available overseas!
    Our AMC Vehicles: All about our cars!
    John Who? Explore the enigma that is me! CAUTION: OPINIONS AHEAD!!
    Toy Chest: AMC-related Toys and Collectibles (NOT for sale!).

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    The AMX Files / Javelin Home Pages Classifieds: FREE ads for AMC sellers and buyers.
    The AMX Files / Javelin Home Pages AMC Auctions: FREE Auction Listings for AMC sellers and buyers.

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    CARS, PARTS and TECH INFO Resources: All the links you'll need to find the right AMC Car,
    it's parts, or even a Non-AMC tow vehicle or daily driver!
    LINKS! : All those other AMC web pages...and more.

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