The Sunday Funnies!

This is the place to let your hair down (provided you still have some) and cut loose on the funniest AMC-related stuff you can think of. If you know a good story, joke, website, etc., let me know so I can add it here.

Send me your every thought!

Here's a picture I took at a freinds house when his neighbor arrived home a LITTLE tipsy! Thank you, Drive thru!

Ever seen a car giving ITSELF a ride?? OUCH!

This is a list of car model definitions (or what your car says about you.
(Several may contain objectionable content.)
If you drive a Volvo, you are.....

Another very stupid way to die...Drive Safely!, Impact!

This is a list of Auto manufacturer acronyms I discovered somewhere on the Net. I've altered or eliminated several due to their either not being funny at all, and/or their objectionable content. The best remain. :)
UPDATED 7/9/96- All Makes Combined: The List

Next is a list of Yugo jokes from the same source (No, this isn't the options list!) Yugo, I'm Stuck!

A new Ford model announcement, again from the same source. Quality is job one.

What if people bought cars like they do computers?
You would need The GM Help Line......damn funny! (Thanks to Ben L.)

I found this in the local classifieds.......A must for Javelin fans! DRUGLORD CARS $100!!!

Proof positive that Pete Estes, a V.P. at GM in the 60s, knew exactly what a Camaro is! A Bomb!

Little known facts about stolen cars......Daihatsu?

A little DUI humor...the Decoy

A very stupid way to die...The Darwin Award, Artist's conception?
UPDATED: 7/10/96

What's so great about a car that's faster than light? I can name Twenty things!

Need a reason to buy a new car? The Top 17 reasons are here.

And if Microsoft built cars, our lives would change in these ten ways.

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