Project: 'Raptor (aka, the Jurassic AMX)
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(4/6/99)- WOW, it's been a LONG time since I gave an update on this project, but there's been little to report. I spoke briefly with Dave a few months ago and he hasn't ended the project, but it is on hold...his business saw an oppurtunity to rear enormous rewards in a new venture and he needed to invest all he could, both his time and toy-money, to make the new venture while the 'Raptor is back-burnered for now, he assured me that nothing, including the screwing he took on the 401, will make him abandon the project. :)
(Mid-1998)- Attempts to install and fire-up the "rebuilt/modified" 401-V8 uncovered the fact that the engine builder never did the work promised. Instead, he merely took the money and shipped a clapped-out, junkyard core that he quickly repainted. Litigation prevents the release of his name and his business name and address, but if you are looking for AMC Engine work in the your research carefully...he's still out there!
(6/7/97)- Dave spent much of today at the shop, overseeing the modifications. Read the 'Raptor's Latest Progress Report!

Also: Passenger Side View
(6/4/97)- The 'Raptor is shown outside the body shop, soaking up sun yesterday. The first shot shows the overall look, tho it sits quite high at the moment, due to the missing 401 [Check out this retouched picture of the car with it's ride height reduced and hood and headlights installed]. Also, note the lower body just forward of the rear tire, which has been flared outward even more than stock.
I'm happy to report my intial fear that the roof spoiler would be too large has been laid to rest, as seeing it primed to match the rest of the car, it blends in well.
The second shot shows off the new rear spoiler shape (not really obvious here, but from the side, it's WAY different) and the new taillight slots that will house the LED strips replacing the stock lenses.
Some snags have hit in regards to the interior work, especially the dashboard rufurb of VGA computer touch-screens and such. While this is resolved, a temporary system, similar to the original plan, but using vacuum florescent displays, is being installed, so that the car will be ready to drive cross-country to attend the AMO Nationals in North Carolina in mid-July.
Another snag is the color....none has been chosen yet! I suggested a nearly-black Metallic Green, in keeping with the Dino-Lizard idea, but Dave feels that's a common color today...and black is just 'out'. For a time, doing the whole body in CHROME was considered, but that's just illegal, and this car is to be 49-state legal (with the occasional 'tweak' to please it's home state at inspection time).

Also: Front View or Roof Spoiler
(5/21/97)- The car has now been primered up, blending all the components together for a seamless, smooth, 'finished' look. Even the huge roof spoiler seems to have been there all along.
Also shown now, for the first time, is the freshly-built-up 401 power plant- the heart of the beast. Computer-controlled in every aspect, it will be fuel injected and supercharged- adjusted at whim from the dash-mounted control displays.... KnightRider on Steroids!

Also: Nose close-up Front view of Nose
(4/19/97)- The 'Raptor is nearing the final stages of construction! She looks PHENOM! Here are a number of shots of the "essentially" completed snout, and the roof spoiler just before the body blending begins.

Says the car owner, Dave Howington:

In order to do the forward-tilt hood, the fiberglass/metal sandwich was disconnected and a new steel skeleton was constructed, with support at the forward end for the hinges, and a multi-layer plate to bolt them to.
Then, the fiberglass part had to be restructured to fit the new skeleton - it was a larger process than guessed originally. But, it's solid, and only takes about 5 lb. pressure (a pinky finger) to lift the hood - Ed & co. did a good job on the counterbalancing.
As you can see on the engine compartment shots, a lot of holes that would normally be there are gone, welded shut. There is now a chamber above each wheel that carries wiring and hosing, and nothing enters the engine compartment that doesn't absolutely have to connect to the engine. The batteries mount forward, in the nose, near where the old round headlights used to be, and are outside of the engine compartment proper.

Also: Side of Roof Spoiler
Engine Compartment: Under the Hood Also Under the Hood

The tail is now the next body project, and with the judicious application of carrot and stick, is already making great progress. I really like the tailights and rear spoiler of the 74 AMX - but it looks like a 74 AMX. Sadly, sort of, that means it has to change for the Raptor project. So, the spoiler now comes up at an angle more similar to the roof spoiler (and the roof itself). It's about 3" lower than stock, and extends back about 6" further. This also causes the trunk lid to be lowered a few inches on the back of the car, "tightening" that concave panel area.
The original tailights are being saved and shaved (removed and the holes welded over) so that 16" LED bars can be put in, three on a side, horizontal, aligned vertically and about 1" in between. I'm thinking of putting in reflectors in that 1" space; otherwise there would be no rear reflectors. The upper and lower bars would be on for tailights, all three for brakes at a higher intensity.
The rear bumper is being stripped (nothing sticks well to chrome!) and will be welded in and integrated into the back of the car, and it will all be painted.

Since these shots were taken (4/15), the paint has been stripped.
Next up; shots of the new tail in progress. The 'Raptor hits the street in 60 days and counting.

(3/17/97) These pictures, actually from around early December, show the framework of the new nose being welded into place.
Another look
These next two show the sheet metal skin applied over the framework, with the new lights installed. Note the roof spoiler.
Side view, Overall look

(10/14/96) Note the headlamps enclosures are closer to the original idea.
Mr. Potter, our body-artist, is doing a great job turning my drawings into reality.
Note that some of the new pictures show a new idea being toyed with- a 'boxed' license plate holder with a clear lucite lense.
Another look Another look Another look Another look Our Body Sculptor

(9/23/96) Here's a pic of the work in progress. Note that the headlamps enclosures are significant larger than originally planned. This is a very early shot and the look may still change.

(7/22/96) Here are two pictures in one- the small inset is the car as purchased. The larger image is the same photo retouched to simulate the front-end modifications that will be done. The wheels and tires shown are out, and the ride height has been restored.
This image is considered VERY close to the look of the final design of the front end. The interior may also be treated to full digital instrumentation.

(6/17/96) This one is a hybrid of the stock 1974 Javelin AMX and the front treatment on an AMX/3. Note the continued use of the roof spoiler from the previous generation of Javelin, and a new, molded, pedestal rear spoiler
This will probably undergo further revisions as we hammer out the final design.
6/26/96: Futher refinements underway. A 401-V8 engine has been ordered, and will power the finished car.

(6/17/96): This drawing has inspired one of my visitors, David K. Howington, to build a customized JavelinAMX based loosely on this design. The next drawing is a revision we are working on.

Much more to come....

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