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Look for the little colored ball like this- at many of the entries below! It indicates that instead of the thumbnail picture leading to just a bigger photo, this entry leads to the car owner's own webpage and more pictures!
In my rush to put them online, many of the pictures you see on this page are minus the owner's names. I'll add them as I dig thru my backlog of submissions You can speed this process by letting me know who owns what, if you know!

  • Johannes F. Louwers' '69 Javelin SST, 232/Auto My late-Grandfather's last US car before moving back to Europe! Apparently my love of AMC is hereditary!
  • Thomas Sayler's '74 AMX The torch has been passed and Thomas now owns my old 401 street terror!
  • Johannes F. Louwers' '64 American 550 This was the car Grandpa had just before the Javelin!
    Front 3/4 view

  • Jeff Reeves' '72 Javelin SST 304/Auto Just 70,000 original miles!
  • Brad Denning's '71 Matador 'Machine' 401/4spd The last-known of less than 50 built!
  • Brad Denning's '74 Matador Coupe 401/4spd A Dealer-converted four-speed!

  • Jeff Gibson's '70 AMX 390cid V8!
  • Jeff Gibson's '80 AMX What a difference a decade makes! 360cid V8!

  • Frank Indriso's '73 Hornet I sold this car to Frank a while back...fresh paint and more has it looking awesome!
  • Frank Indriso's '69 SC/Rambler Frank's latest toy, previously owned by Reggie Jackson!
  • Dean & Earl Daugharthy's '81 Spirit road-racer This NASCAR-styled 401-V8 holds the National Council of Corvette Club records at Mid-Ohio Sports Car course and Nelsons Ledges Road Course over ALL the Corvettes!
    Another angle.

  • Bryan Morrow's '73 AMX 401 GoPac-equipped, 4-speed, 3:91 gears!
  • Nate Boring's '74 Hornet hatchback Modified 304-V8 and '78 AMX front end...SMOKING!!
  • Damian Gingras' '73 Javelin The 304/Auto is about to give way to a new 401/4speed !!

  • Ray Summit's Blown AMX Yowza!
  • Steve Brueggeman's 360 Gremlin Ain't much to see yet, but watch out!
  • Chris Peterson's '69 JavelinSST Big, Bad Blue and a 390, too!
    Another angle, and with Chris.

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  • Paul Cockrill's (left) '69 JavelinSST Bought new by his dad (right) and partially restored by his son (center)!

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  • Jason Raposo's '71 AMX 360-GoPac and just 39k miles!
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  • Bob Kowalski's 'Black Widow' '73 AMX Destroked 390 (to 358cid) with Crossram dual carbs, T-10 four-speed, Ford 9" rear and four-wheel AMC disc brakes!
    Under the hood! Showing off!
  • Bart Mangrum's 360 Gremlin A monster in the making!
  • Mike Greene's '74 AMX His 1980's 360/Auto school-driver!

  • Ed Fernandez's Gremlin drag car 258-I6 pocket rocket!
  • Len Legere's 'Mistress' His custom 1971 Javelin!
    Rear view!
  • David Free's AMX drag car !

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