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Look for the little colored ball like this- at many of the entries below! It indicates that instead of the thumbnail picture leading to just a bigger photo, this entry leads to the car owner's own webpage and more pictures!
NOTE: Several of the cars on this page were submitted quite a while ago, and while I located the pictures easily, the names of their owners are buried in an archive. I'll post the names as I find them, but if you know this info, let me know and I'll add it sooner!

  • Bryan Morrow's Ambassador hardtop A 401 lurks beneath that hood!
  • Bryan Morrow's Matador sedan race car Rubbin' is racin'!!
    The same car, a few years later....retired!!
  • Bryan Morrow's Race-Ready Concord sedan The Matador's replacement

  • Sandy Sandberg's Hornet X wagon One hot little family car! 304/727 and 14.8 quarter miles at 16mpg!
  • Larry Chapple's '67 American 440 343-powered Red and White beauty.
  • Matthew Steele's Hornet hatchback This 401 looks like trouble, even standing still!

  • Unknown's Eagle wagon Last of the true AMC cars.
  • Unknown's '70 Javelin Mark Donohue Big Bad Green....I'd steal this car in a heartbeat!!
  • Unknown's Eagle wagon Another 4x4 wagon....What's a Subaru?!?

  • Mike and Traci Odum's '74 AMX A stroked 390-V8 !
  • Lu Crego's '65 American A Clean 196cid 6cylinder !
    Rear angle
  •'s '7O Javelin SST Undergoing a rebirth!

  • Dave McComb's '73 Javelin 304-powered!
  • Chris Ellmore's '77 Hornet! Under reconstruction- check out his Hornet webpage!!
  • Bart Mangrum's '73 Javelin 343-powered!
    Side angle

  • Bill Dettman's '70 Javelin SST! Big, Bad Green and 401-Mean!
  • Paul Gable's '74 Gremlin! Check out his new 'Gremlin Time' website!
  • Jeff Barfield's '69 Javelin SST! A clean, original 343!

  • Paul Halter's '78 AMX! Still wearing it's original 'bird' on the hood!
  • Remy Arness' '72 Javelin! Not exactly pretty just yet, but getting closer every day!
  • Rick West's '68 AMX 390, Hurst 4-speed! *NOT* for sale at $14,000. (hehehe)

  • Larry Blatt's '67 Rambler Rogue! 343 cubes in a tight little package!
  • Ron Evans' '72 AMX! Freshly painted beauty!
  • Ed Lavallee's '74 Javelins An orange 360 and Gold 304!

  • Steve Corbin's '66 Ambassador! A small pic but a sharp car!
  • Adam Folkerts' '70 Javelin! Big, Bad Green 360!
  • Wendy and Marlowe Morris' '69 Javelin SST Their newly acquired toy!

  • Derek Whiteside's '70 JavelinSST 304cid 4-speed in the great NorthWest!
  • Scott McVey's '74 Gremlin 418 cubes, built to the B-..err......round things!

  • Brent Havekost's '48 Nash Ambassador coupe Big, Bad, Beautiful!
  • Gremchile's '75 Gremlin! New photos on her webpage!
  • Francis Suarez's '68 AMX A 343-powered, auto-shifted, 'GO' package of fun!
    Rear angle

  • Mike Wolf's '69 Rambler American wagon! and not to be outdone......!
  • Barb Wolf's '60 American 4door! Who says cars are 'Boy Toys'?!
  • Rob Watson's '69 JavelinSST Currently, it's for sale...see the Want Ads section!

  • John Rosa's '69 AMX! This 'John Rosa' is not the creator of this website...
    just the same name on another AMC fanatic!
  • Steven Fournier's '69 Javelin '71 360-4V, '70 blistered-hood!
    Steve's first Javelin, a '68 290.
  • Las Wojtek's '71 JavelinSST Guess which of these is faster!
    Another angle

  • Josh Hildebrand's '73 TransAm Victory Javelin One Ultra-Rare Javelin found and being brought back!
    Side angle
    I'm an idiot! I deleted the Email that told me who owns this Rambler! If it yours, let me know!
  • Rambler American 440 !
  • Early Bender-Wirth's Pacer wagon One subtle blue wagon!

  • Hal Lynch's 1970 AMX Toting a Vintage TransAm racing engine!
  • Josh Ackerman's Customized '68 'Super' Javelin Another Full-Tilt 390!

  • Mike H.'s '69 SC/Rambler Dynamite by AMC... Lit by Hurst!
  • Mike H.'s Customized '69 Javelin Cool paint!
  • Jerry Casper's '78 Gremlin GT An Ultra-Rare AMC model!
    Rear angle

    Chelsea High School's Auto Mechanics Instructor, Mr. Thomas Benvie put his students to work between 1985 and 1987 and together they created these three award-winning beauties! I'm told they are STILL being shown and bringing home trophies! EXCELLENT WORK, GUYS!
    A Newspaper clipping featuring the students! Another Newspaper clipping featuring Mr. Benvie!
  • One Kick-Ass AMX Colors just don't get any brighter!
  • A Javelin in blue Note the rare roof spoiler!
  • A Javelin SST RAGTOP!? Can you say Breeeeezzzzzzze!!!!

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