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  • Jeff Somerville's '70 Javelin SST This 360 is stomping Chevys near Ottowa, Canada....and only 78,000miles on the clock!
  • Mike Beatty's '70 Rebel MACHINE 390 Would you believe this monster was bought for $300 as you see it?!?!
    Side angle
  • Brian Callicott's 72 JavelinAMX 401cid-4spd, Go-Pak car in Hunter Green Metallic
    Rear angle

  • Brent Reimnitz's '72 JavelinAMX 360 'GO' package Only 55,000 actual miles
  • Jerry Burke's 70 AMX at Thunder Valley Dragway in Marion, South Dakota

  • Jim Bird's '72 Ambassador 401-V8 So pretty, it hurts!
  • Mark C. Abbott's '72 Pierre Cardin Javelin SST Simplicity outside, *mayhem* inside!
  • Forrest Mahannah's JavelinAMX and Javelin For some, one just isn't enough!
    Side angle

  • Brett Fulford's '73 Pierre Cardin JavelinAMX 360 powered Canadian!
    Rear angle
  • George Graham's fresh 390-V8 and the '70 AMX that now carries it!
  • George Graham's '70 Javelin SST 360 This Hunter Green beauty is undergoing some rework now. Keep us posted, George!
    Interior shot

  • Jim Lowry's '72 JavelinAMX A sacriligeous 454cid BowTie-big-block-powered beauty.
    Side angle
    HEY YOU!! Jim sold this car a while back, and now wants to find the current owner- Jim wants it back. If you can help, Email Jim at
  • Phil Luhn's '68 Javelin SST Ressurected from the junkyard, this 290 is hauling again!
    Interior shot
  • John Yarnell's '69 Gladiator This one totes a Pontiac 350 and TH400 trans....even the bed is a GM item- it came from a '57 Chevy long bed pick up!

  • Dennis Kupferschmid's 1969 SC/Rambler Doing 13.359 at 105mph on street rubber at Great Lakes Dragway, June 1996!
  • What the heck?!?!? 'This is your brain on drugs.'...A '72 AMX goes to Hell. (owner unknown)

  • Carl Richardson's 1972 Javelin SST Customized Wild Plum terror! Details!
    Another Angle
  • Malcolm Talley's 1975 Pacer Sold in December, 1996, but off to a good home!
  • Jim Jones' 1977 Gremster Still only 15,000miles on this 232/Auto!
    Another Angle

  • A Blown, Dual-Quad 401 Grem-monster! Last seen terrorizing South Carolina!
  • Chris Bischof's AMG Ok, actually, it's his Dad's toy.
  • Chuck and Laura Bunnell's '68 Javelin Mom's old 290 driver gets a 360, Ford 9" rear and more!

  • Mark Mayhew's Rambler Deluxe The car that saved the company!
  • Dave Ragan's 1968 AMX 390/Auto 'Go Pak' Another angle
  • Josh Ottinger's Yellow Javelin Customized to taste!

  • Norbert Vance's 1975 Pacer X His Dad worked for AMC. Here's a BUNCH of cars the family played with over the years!
    Hornets and Concords! Ambassadors! Gremlins! Javelins! Matadors! A 401-powered Police Ambassador! Hear the Cop-Ambassador 401 idle! (103k WAV)
  • Bob Browske's 1971 Javelin AMX He started the 1971 JavelinAMX Registry found on this website.

  • Jack 'Paintman' Pennington's AMX At the AMO meet in Columbus, Ohio, 1992.
  • Steve Brueggeman's 1970 Rebel Machine #2 His latest monster awakens!
    Another angle Another angle During restoration
  • Steve Brueggeman's 1970 Rebel Machine #1 The plate reads 'NOT BIG 3'!
    Hear this 390 fire up! (261k WAV)

  • Chris and Cheryl Bischof's 1968 AMX 390/Auto Goodyear Redlines and nifty vacuum wipers!
    A quick peek under the hood ....keep your fingers away from the fan, please!
  • Elizabeth Sonnenstuhl's 1972 Javelin 360, Automatic.
  • Al Markowitz's 1968 AMX 390/Auto Long gone but not forgotten.

  • Bruce Farris' 1976 Hornet X Sportabout Wagon (Special Ordered!) Make sure those shopping bags are belted in! Details!, Another angle
  • Chris Welch's '79 CJ7 401cid!! GIGANTOR!
  • Eric Sonnenstuhl's 1970 AMX 360 four-speed

  • Jim Weisflock's 1987 Grand Wagoneer
  • Lyndel Bitting's 1983 Jeep J-10 Laredo Sadly, Chevy-powered, but what a body!
  • Jim Weisflock's 1982 Eagle wagon

  • Stephen Szymanski's Ram Air '70 Javelin SST! A sight to behold!!! Details!
  • Dan Hallman's '73 Javelin ala White Monochrome! NICE!!! Details!

  • Sean Harbour's '72 Javelin SST Pierre Cardin! In this case, PC does NOT mean Politically Correct!
  • Mike Baldwin's 246,000 mile '73 Levi's Gremlin X A never-rebuilt 258!! Details!
  • 1971 Javelin SST (photo from April 1989, Owner Unknown) At the time, it was for sale for $1500...a steal! Another angle.

  • 1972 Javelin AMX 401 'Go' Pak No idea who owns it, but it's making me cry!
  • Customized Gremlin (photo from May 1995, Owner Unknown) Note the nifty 'suicide' doors! Rear shot, Engine.
  • Jeff Weaver's Customized 1969 Javelin (photo from May 1986) In the pits at Island Dragway, Great Meadows, NJ. The car was later retired from race duty, and parked awaiting a planned full-restoration to stock condition..until it was destroyed by vandals and sadly junked.

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