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Look for the little colored ball like this- at many of the entries below! It indicates that instead of the thumbnail picture leading to just a bigger photo, this entry leads to the car owner's own webpage and more pictures!

  • Blaine Hertzog's '71 Hornet SC/360 The original owner becomes it's seventh owner, and what a restoration!
    At the dragstrip with Curt Stechert's SC/360!
  • Rob Clutter's '64 American 440 Original condition beauty..this is the 'before' pic!

  • Big Al Stirbens' '82 Spirit One clean, original machine!
  • Mark Mayhew's '64 American His latest ride!
  • Gary Thompson's '70 Javelin This Bittersweet Orange beauty packs a 360-V8, BW tranny and 4.10 gears!

  • Alex DiObilda's '74 Javelin His Summer '97 project!
  • Alex DiObilda's '86 CJ-7 His 258-powered daily driver!
  • Alex DiObilda's '74 Javelin 360-2v This and the next car were his March '98 finds!

  • Alex DiObilda's '74 AMX 401-4v A Go-Pak, well-optioned beast!
  • Alex DiObilda's '84 CJ-7 Another 401 lurks under this hood!

  • Terry Grow's SC/Rambler ragtop! Formerly a 290-V8 American...
    now a 'one of none built' rarity! Rear view!
  • Terry Grow's 401 T-Bucket A better-than-Ford idea!
  • Terry Grow's 401 Jeep CJ Another 401-powered Hot Rod!

  • Bill Dettman's '74 Matador Sold.....and now wanted back.
  • Tony Ackerman's '71 AMX Former 360/Auto, now 401-4speed!

  • Bill Jalensky's AMX His NHRA terror!
  • Ross Guistino's '74 Gremlin 'Power Steering and that's about it"!
  • Lou Solebello's '74 AMX Primered-up and ready for it's Plum Metallic paint!

  • Tim Percell's '67 American 9-second Canadian Rambler!!!
    Smokin' them up! Waiting for the green!
  • Kevin Nelson's '68 Javelin 401/4speed !
  • Kari Jesme's '70 AMX Undergoing rebirth!

  • Dennis Orcutt's '70 Rebel wagon Two-Tone Green pseudo-'Machine'!!
  • Kent Dahlin's '68 Javelin 343 Go Stockholm, Sweden!
  • Ruth & Dennis Schmudlach's '70 AMX 390/4speed, Shadow Mask paint, leather and only 40k miles!
    Rear view

  • Kip Mitchell's '74 Javelin Fawn Beige 360-4v/Auto..un-restored original!
  • Mikko Pekkanen's '70 JavelinSST Former 6-cylinder, now 304 powered, living it up in Sweden!
  • Dane James' '68 AMX 3.8L Turbo Buick V6, 4-link rear, running 11.70s.

  • Steve Tuggle's '73 Ambassador Brougham 360 four barrel and Camelot interior!
  • Sandy Sandberg's '67 American A bowtie-powered drag car, recently sold off.
  • Jason Waibel's '73 Pierre Cardin Javelin 360 with a Holley 750 four barrel !

  • Tim Otto's '63 Classic Motor Trend's 1963 Car of the Year!!
    Front view
  • Daniel Modlin's '74 Levis Gremlin X 258 terror!
  • Richard Truesdell's '64 American and '78 Concord sedans The American is for sale! Click here for details!

  • Tom Richardson's '67 Ambassador 990 One top of the line Rambler!
  • Mr. Nevland's '71 Hornet SC/360s Two AMCs are always better than one!
  • Raylin Nevland's '77 Hornet AMX Like father, like son!

  • Tim Hansen's Pacer wagon Mellow Yellow woody!
  • Terry Warren's Eagle sedan Battered but not beaten 4x4!
  • Jeff Ashford's '72 AMX A show-ready beauty!

  • Todd Wilkins' 63 Rambler American 440 What other car is THIS cool?!
  • Chuck Mason' '72 AMX Bought in '89 and still going strong!
  • George E. Galbraith's Pro-Street AMX Damn nice...even with a Bow-Tie engine in there!

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