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Here are a few of the AMC-related computer items I've acquired and/or know of
I'm sure there are PLENTY more out there!

If you know of something not shown here...let me know!

May 18, 1999- The Sports Gaming Network website has a great write-up on the pending game release...with screen captures! Check it out!

Rear shot of the 1970 Penske Javelin and a real bad day for the 1972 Woods Brothers Javelin.

There's also an interview with Adrian Penn, the Project Manager for EAI. Read it!

April 15, 1999- GT Interactive has informed me that the game's release has been pushed back even further. I quote-

"Yeah we are still a go, but things are taking longer than expected. Currently we're targeting a release date towards the very end of '99. It really isn't uncommon for high-end simulations to take 2+ years in development, we were probably just a bit too ambitious in our intial release date."

More to come!

September 20, 1998- GT Interactive has informed me that the game's release has been pushed back a bit, perhaps to Spring '99 while they work out final details.

April 17, 1998- Next Generation magazine's May 1998 issue has a great six-page article hailing the pending release of 'Trans Am Racing: '68-'72' by GT Interactive. I've posted scans here of just a few of the many cool screenshots in the article (grab a copy...the pics are plentiful and great!), as well as a few details of the game itself, as promised!

The very first car named in the article is none other than 'Javelin'! And the first driver's name noted? 'Mark Donohue'...coolness!

"It became a grudge match that heightened around '70, with Ford, GM and American Motors really going at it"

"[Trans Am features] realtime damage modeling, calculated on-the-fly and unique to each crash."

"The vehicle physics feature a full six degrees of freedom, so when a car crashes, expect it to roll, pitch, and bounce in a realistic manner."

"A true 3D cockpit will be modeled for each car, enabling players to glance left and right....[apex tracking] pans the camera into the turn the way drivers naturally turn their heads."

"Customizable options? Try chassis, gearbox, tires, brakes, and suspension."

Players can choose from 13 different car models in numerous paint schemes (no mention is made in the article of a 'paint your own' feature, so contact GT Interactive and tell them you want it!) racing along 13 true-to-life race tracks. You can go it alone against 19 computerized drivers, or head-to-head with up to 16 real-life players on a LAN network or the Internet!

The only Javelin shown in the article is the 1970 model, but I'm assured by GT Interactive that each year from 1968 to 1972 will have a correct Javelin tearing up the asphalt.

Release is tentatively marked for August or September of this year, so go get yourself a Nomex suit and helmet now, before the rush!

(January 1998)- GT Interactive has announced a new game called Trans Am: '68-'72, scheduled for release on PC CD-ROM for Fall '98.
Check out The Official Press Release of January 8, 1998
1-12-98: I phoned GTI and got some details: AMC is well represented in the game, and all versions of the TransAm Javelins will be there, as well as the real drivers like Mark Donohue. The cars will all be customizable, mechanically and asthetically- you can paint your car however you like.
Also promised is THE best 3D graphics ever seen in a driving simulation game. Watch for it this fall, and watch this space for updates and screenshots! Maybe even a demo version, as soon as it's available!
(April 1997)- Activision released a game called 'Interstate '76', which is a game that combines Mad Max and the Mod Squad into a story of highway-vigilanties in souped-up and ARMED muscle cars.... and afros and bell-bottoms! What's significant about this game is that it includes some vehicles quite familiar to AMC fans! While legal considerations forced Activision to not use 'real' vehicles, they DID use them in a slightly re-designed form with new names for each. Examples-
The ABX Leprechaun (an AMC Gremlin, of course)
The ABX AMZ (actually an AMC JavelinAMX)
The Glenn Bushmaster (a Jeep Commando)

And these cars aren't treated as 'filler' or 'target' cars. They are just as viable as the other cars in the game.
Three cheers to Activision!
Here's a few action shots!:
Another Shot

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