AMC Toys and Collectibles: Electric Slot Cars

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Here are a few of the AMC-related toys I've acquired and/or know of
I'm sure there are PLENTY more out there!

If you know of something not shown here...let me know!

The AFX 'Javelin Trans Am' car. The first is a replica of Mark Donohue's SCCA race car...
and probably the first use of this car body by AFX.
The other is unmarked and quite rare..probably came in a Race Track Set.

Four variations of the AFX 'Javelin Trans Am' in the '#5' paint scheme.

Two variations of the same AFX 'Javelin Trans Am' in the #21 paint scheme.
Another view of the black and blue car.

Three variations of the AFX 'Javelin Pro Stocker'. A rarer version is white with pinkish markings.

The AFX 'Matador Stocker' in AMC's Team Racing colors...
again, this is likely the first use of this body by AFX.
The next two are different paint jobs on the same body.

AFX opted to put Police markings on the Matador sedan body, despite it being a two door!

They even made it a Taxi! Gotta feel sorry for the passengers!

AFX also made this gorgeous 'Matador Coupe Stocker' in various paint schemes.
Click here to see one in the original package.

TYCO also honored AMC with these three cars.
Above is a 'Trans Am Javelin' car, modeled like the Donohue racer,
and below are two versions of the AMC Gremlin.

AURORA made many versions of these "ThunderJet" '68/'69 AMXs.

I'm not sure who made these Gremlin Sprint Cars, but they're still neat!

I have many Jeep toys also, but that is best left for a Jeep-dedicated site to handle. I'm always looking for more of these toys, so if you know of any available, let me know. Also, I have more cars en route to me constantly, and they'll be added here as they come in.
Send me your every thought!

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