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Please Note: As the Internet is far from perfect, some of the websites listed here may not be available at all times. This does not mean the link is permanently 'dead'- the condition may be only temporary. If you find one of the sites linked below is dead for a few days or more, let me know and I'll research and remove it as necessary. Thanks.

The next three sections showcase cars belonging to the members of the
Alamo AMC Club of San Antonio
Check out their website!
  • Colin Brodsky's '73 Ambassador
  • Debbie Koos' '70 Javelin 360
  • Debbie Koos' '77 Pacer

  • James Medlock's '74 JavelinAMX
  • Jorge Medrano's '68 Javelin
  • Keith Rumbo's '69 Javelin

  • Keith Rumbo's '70 MarkDonohue Javelin
  • Brian Schneider's '69 AMX
  • Gary Zinda's '72 Ambassador 401

  • Michael Baxter's '79 Cherokee

  • Dan Gibson's MANY Javelins
  • Lila F. Robert's 1960 Metropolitan

  • Gary Apple's 1976 Pacer X
  • Paul Dwyer's 1968 American and 1988 Eagle

  • Stafford's 1973 Gremlin X
  • Ken Bartz's 1967 Rebel

  • Big Jeep's 1982 Jeep CJ7
  • Hal Gunner's JavelinAMX
  • Chuck Russell's 1973 Javelin

  • Ron Evans' 1972 JavelinAMX

  • Brad Clarke's 1979 AMX
  • 'Javlynn' Sue Leair's 1973 Gremlin
  • Valerie Fleming's 1980 AMX

  • Akhil's 1982 Scrambler 4x4
  • Joe Berg's 'MegaMet!' ProStreet Metropolitan
  • Mr. Mike's 1975 Jeep CJ5...and more

  • James Moran's 1983 Eagle Wagon
  • David S. Broudy's 1961 Rambler

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