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My other Home Pages:
The 'Futura' Batmobile Home Page!
The Car Stars Home Page!

Links to some Personal Pals of mine:
Starfleet Command BBS: Big, Bad Ben!
The Sausage Link: Jeff's Church of Spam, and home of STINKNET !!!
Mesmerized!: Kurt's house of Mopar and more.
Brian Mirsky's Page: The Man, Myth, Legend.....and Sandra Bullock.

Other Favorites:
The Dallas Mopar Web ServerIf it has a Pentastar on it, under it, or inside it, it's here.
Lee Herman's Mopar Page: Shrine of the SV-1..powered by AMC!
The Bricklin Home Page: Shrine of the SV-1..powered by AMC!
Michael Allan Faries WWW: Star Trek and more...very professional.
CHiPs OnLine!: No, I'm not kidding! Jon, Ponch and the whole gang.
Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge Central: A major Mopar site!
TNN's My Classic Car website: Official site of the new cable TV series!
German Car Hop: A Major German auto-related site....nicely done, but it helps if you speak German!
Motor Craft: A big, new auto-related site....Check it out!
Auto On Ramp: Another new auto-related site....Watch it grow!

Commercial Sites:
Bearclaw Matchbox collection: Pre-1970 DieCast cars for sale!
Simitar Motorsports Video: What it says...A myriad of Auto-related videos...and more.

Important Sites:
Right now, a cute rabbit is having his flesh slowly burned away...on purpose.
Disturbing? Do something.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: What are you waiting for?

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