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Want to know more about AMC? Visit:
Jim Stone's AMX Files, still the best of the 'Net for AMC.
The Team AMX race cars site,
Colin Brodsky's Ambassador Home Page.
Allan Fleming's Home Page
William Flentje's Muscle Cars page- (Loads of photos).
The Olde Milford Press specializes in publishing materials devoted to AMC
and my fave AMC site,
Jeni Barovian's Pacer Page

AMC Clubs? Check out the Classic Cars Source, Inc.'s club listings
as well as:
AMO, American Motors Owners Association
NAMDRA, National American Motors Drivers & Racers Association
AMCRC, American Motors Corporation / Rambler Club
Peach State AMO, Georgia's chapter of the American Motors Owners Association
Alamo AMC of San Antonio The place to be for AMC in the South Texas area!
The Mid-Atlantic Classic AMX Club Great looking site!
The 1971-1974 Javelin AMX Registry Home Page, created by Bob Browske.
The Nash Car Club of America (NCCA)
The AMC Pacer Club

How about a few pics of AMX prototypes (not just the AMX3)?
See the Automobile Archives at Jaap Horst's Home Page.

More pictures?
The MuscleCars Page Several nice AMC photos among other makes.

Can't Stop Talking about AMC? Hate to wait for Email?
Join the AMC chat group, most Sunday nights via IRC, room #amcars
Try irc.concentric.net for a good hook-up.
For help getting set up for IRC, get FREE assistance from
Steve Brueggeman, a.k.a., 'ReblMach' (Rebel MACHINE).

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