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Our 1988 Jeep Cherokee Limited
These pics are of our "new" Jeep (which replaces the '90 Laredo we lost May 1st, 1998 in a nasty collision). It's loaded, as all Limiteds are, with Power Everything, Leather Seats, Privacy Glass and even has a Class III hitch and Remote Keyless Entry.
The brakes need attention and the valves 'tick' a bit, but at 140k miles, that's expected. This will be remedied promptly, as will the usual Late-80s paint problem- the hood and roof have faded down to the primer so those areas are going to be painted professionally in the next 3 weeks.
I've added three tiny items that I think the Jeep really needed. One was a hitch plug (with 'Jeep' logo) to keep crud out of the receiver opening.
Another (not shown in the pics) is a dual cup holder designed specifically to fit the Cherokee console, giving a VERY 'factory-installed' appearance where the factory blatantly omitted the feature (what an oversight!). It attaches using the two screws found on the console, just under the compartment lid, and stradles the parking brake lever. It even accepts mounting of the power mirror switch into the cup holder... a nice touch..and it installed in seconds. $13 is a lot for a cupholder, but it sure beats those cheapy pieces that hang from an air vent!
Finally, the third is the nifty 'No Chevys' sticker on the tailgate...cuz that's the way things should be!

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