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Our 1982 AMC Eagle sedan
2/18/00: Here is a pic of our 'new' Eagle. Yea, it needs a bunch of work... but it was CHEAP! It starts and runs well, with a bit of 'bog'... but shifting is solid and the SelecTrac functions perfectly. Braking and Steering is reasonable enough to leave as is until the exhaust and parking brake issues are addressed.
It's as basic as an Eagle sedan can get....just about the only 'options' I can find are the cloth seats (vinyl is standard) and tilt steering column. The Ponticrap 'Iron Puke' 4-banger is backed by a 4-speed manual tranny...and runs well enough to use daily for the short jaunt to work and back, and local wandering about. It's certainly not a 'highway' car, but that ain't why I got it.
The interesting thing is this is the first 'daily-use' AMC I've owned in over a decade, and I hadn't realized just how much I like DRIVING an AMC. These cars feel like a limb to me more than a simple tool. I'm sure I'm not meant to drive anything else, and given the choice, I wouldn't.
This car isn't in line for a massive repairs'll simply be upkept to use as I have the last two weeks...with a few toys added to make it feel like 'mine' the added '4x4' markings, a steering wheel wrap for better control, the headlight grilles (25% functional, 75% frivolous eye candy!).
It needs a front exhaust pipe replaced, and all three parking brake cables. Also, a headliner, left/rear bumper cap, one 4x4 center cap, and lots of TLC. I'll get each as time and money permit. Right now, it's just earning it's keep.
On Feb. 15, 2000, I decided to take a few photos in the snow while the sun was out. I was near the top of a 25-degree slope that runs about 1/5th of a mile, and facing downhill when I decided to head up to the top. I began a U-turn and got sideways- passenger door facing downhill, when the car began sliding sideways down the hill! It had slid a bit more than the width of the car when the lower two tires dug in...and the high side of the car lifted off the ground!! It tettered for a moment ( a very long one!) before slumping back on all fours. I quickly pointed it downhill and made my way off the slope...realizing four-wheel-drive will get you into as much trouble as it can get you out of!
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