John's Psychological Exam Results

John's Psychological Exam Results

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This page is a peek into the (admittedly warped) mind of this website's creator. Lots of little photo-thumbnails are here to help give away those things I don't say outloud. Don't expect too much sense or sanity here....I'm just rambling, so whatever comes out, comes out.
The Shootings in Littleton, Colorado on April 20, 1999
This subject warranted on lengthy page of it's own...see it at:
Star Trek- The best hours I've spent watching fiction on TV have come from the cast above. 'The Next Generation' blew me away with the 'Better-than-TV' scripts that, like the original series, took on touchy subjects without blinking. Of course, time was on their side as they had the benefits of 20 years of advancement in special effects...and public awareness, and the show lasted more than twice as long as the original, so the characters had that much more time to develop. The Third thru Fifth seasons are the best. Those before were almost cartoons of themselves, those after showed weakening scripts and 'played-out' characters. It was definately time to go in 1994. 'Deep Space Nine' has never lived up to the task of successor, and 'Voyager' is just a nightmare. Perhaps there are no more 'New Frontiers'....
As for the Films, I part company with most Trek fans after 'The Wrath of Khan' and call 'Generations' the second best of the nine films. After those, I put them in the following order: Undiscovered Country, First Contact, Search for Spock, Voyage Home, Insurrection, The Motion Picture, then Final Frontier.
Why did I put First Contact in 4th place? Character Assassination and weak plot. Most disappointing was that they took a good idea, a female 'queen' borg, and destroyed her with such a blatantly sexist flaw- All she wanted was a mate to make her complete. Yeesh. Surely such a progressive entity as the 'Star Trek' franchise can do better than that tired old story.
Star Wars- I remember seeing it in 1977 as a High School sophomore. Still an impressive film in every aspect. My only gripe is the simplistic nature of it due to being aimed at children. I'd love to see some of the SW novels make it to film.....without being 'adjusted' for the kids.
Ok, maybe not ALL SciFi is kid's stuff. 'Alien' scared me in 1978, and still makes me nervous today. The sequel was a let down as the whole idea in the first film was to get away because you CAN'T kill it. The second film was still fun, but in no way scary. The third film had possibilities,but also fell short. I'm was hopeful for the fourth film, 'Ressurection', but it fell flat..tho it's look was still good, the plot was just a disaster.
'Terminator 2' is a monster fave. Good premise, excellent effects and great pacing. One of the best films ever made in the SciFi genre. If you have access to the 'Special Edition', SEE IT! The extra footage is great!
Favorite scene from this film is the space shuttle dropping the Corvette. What a great way to depict the future routineness of space travel! Other great stuff is the segment 'B-17' and the lost footage now available on the video tape.

Yea, right, like you don't already know! Ok, actually, I may love AMC most of all, that doesn't mean I don't love any others. My second favorite make is Mopar.

'71 Cudas are my favorite Chrysler product. Is it me, or does this car look like 'gratuitous-violence-on-wheels'?
And the '69 Dodge Charger Daytona took all the risk to become truly 'aerodynamic' when 'boxy' was the 'in thing'.
The '69 Charger is, to me, the definition of what a 'MuscleCar' is (A Cuda is a 'PonyCar' by the original criteria used). To heck with handling, full-speed ahead. The 440 R/T is top dog in the 'MuscleCar' league.
The Viper GTS takes the 'SportsCar' into the realm of the surreal. V10 power and looks that kill.
In this decade of the Remake, and some pretty sad ones they are, I'd like to point out my much-maligned teen years as a source of some of the best music ever recorded. While there are many more great '70s musicians than I can possible name here, I will give a small sampling, including some short WAV files of a few of my all-time favorites!

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon holds the record for the most time spent on the Billboard charts....I believe a fourteen year streak was broken in 1987 for ONE week, then it returned to the chart and still remains there today! Need proof? Listen!
Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is a triumph for it's range of music types and awesome lyrics. More amazing is that every song on this double-album is terrific. Try it!
KISS' Destroyer had album art to make parents nervous, and music to make them suicidal. But as a 15 year old, if you didn't have it, you were nobody. Here's why!
ELO's Out Of The Blue blends orchestra and electric guitar, symphony and rock, and after two full LPs of it, you'll believe they were meant to be together. Hear for yourself!

(LADIES: You are invited to skip this section and go directly to the website of FABIO.)

Call me a sexist if you like (don't Email that to me, just think it), but a beautiful woman is an amazing thing to me. And often, they are found with the mind to match. Which do or don't have both is for you to decide. This is a gallery of those women that knock me out, for any number of reasons. Don't feel obligated to agree (or to bash me for it)...but this is my '30 Phenom Females List' (or 'Not one of these ladies would be kicked out of my place for eating crackers in the bed'). They are shown in no special order.
These first four ladies, by my standards, possess the purist, most natural form of beauty. And they each combine that with the sharpest minds. How do I know? I dunno.....some people you can just tell.
Crystal is the proverbial 'girl next store' that drives you crazy.
Emma is 'Classic' in look and manner......and by Classic, I don't mean 'old', I mean treasure.
Terry is a natural beauty, too, with a great 'approachability'.
Helen is today's best-known 'Girl that you marry' (which is often taken as an insult because of it's use when comparing them to 'Girls that you don't'), but as she is the TV version, she's got great looks to match her 'get to know me' aura.
Cassandra is best known as Elvira, but is equally attractive without the costume as her naturally red-headed self. Her quirky humour indicates to me a great attitude.
Betty may be 'old news' to many, but what a risk taker for her day! Not afraid to flaunt her wares before it was fashionable, she paved the way for many copy-cats to follow.
Aeon is a 'Bitch' and she knows it, and we love her for it. Completely dual, she can take you or leave you....or kill you. No big difference to her.
Daisy is a razor-sharp mind stuffed into the body of Venus. From MTV host to International star and respected interviewer in record time.....and Tom Snyder NEVER looked this good.
Marina suffered some garish makeup and costumes during Star Trek, The Next Generation's seven year run, but each year they allowed more and more of her real beauty to show thru. My own feeling is she looked best during the final season of the series.
Helena may be Scandanavian, but her looks are 'World Class'. It's hard to pin down her nationality by her looks, and that makes her all the more 'exotic'.
Jane is pure class, cut from the same mold that gave us Emma and Jaclyn. I simply don't have the words to do her justice.
The same is true for Marilyn...a woman that defines what beauty is. If only her mind had been given the attention her body received, perhaps she'd be here today.
Jenny is the Anti-Playmate. I find she's more beautiful on live TV than in any still photo published anywhere. The folks at Playboy wasted their time with tape and lighting, as they missed the 'real' in her looks. She's also NUTS as evidenced by her MTV show. Have you ever seen someone so unimpressed with their own incredible looks?
Jaclyn.....oh, man....this woman has had a spell on me since a guest appearance on 'McCloud' in the early '70s. And she's more gorgeous today. A while back she was on the 'Vicki' (Lawrence) talk show and Vicki drilled Jaclyn mercilessly, trying to get her to say the word 'sucks'...Jaclyn finally said it, and the audience roared at her embarassment. Jaclyn never uses those types of words.....she's a rarity today....and while I can't fathom somone NOT using them, I love her because she feels no need to. Pure class.
Gabrielle is 'Woman Empowered'...Strength, Intelligence and undeniable looks.
Lisa makes being a 'dip' look easy, yet her poise and sharp mind peek thru in every performance. You might fool Phoebe, but you won't fool Lisa.
Winona is gonna be around a very long time. She already knows where to draw the line between Sensational and Exploitative. I feel she's headed for the ranks of those who never really leave us.....a classic star like Kate Hepburn.
Angie is a statuesque Goddess. I first saw her in a small role in the erotic-thriller 'Jade'.
Courtney was sacrificed to the 'Rachael Gods' on 'Friends', being dressed and scripted 'less-appealing' than Jennifer Aniston, but if you go back to the first season, you can see Ms.Cox is the true beauty on the show. She's being under-utilized in every aspect and it's a shame, because the loss of the 'ensemble' feel is going to kill the series. The 'Schwimmer/Aniston Show' just isn't funny anymore.
Stephanie has great lines, and if she were allowed a few extra pounds to cover the sharp edges, her looks would only benefit. Already a killer-beauty, an extra sandwich or two per week would camoflage her joints enough to allow me to focus attention back to those eyes, and the mind behind them.
Ashley is kin to Country's Naomi and Wynona Judd, and is making quite a name for herself in small but choice roles in many films. Check out 'Smoke' for a version of Ashley that Naomi would faint to see.
Liz is still dating Hugh Grant, but perhaps that was the deal- He plays patsy to a hooker to get Liz tons of sympathy and publicity- and Estee Lauder signs her up! Scam or not, she's fully deserving of her own fame, with great looks and oodles of class.
Gillian is the only Fed I'd like to have kick in my door! Frisk me?!? COOL!!!!
Gates is the other 'Next Generation' beauty that knocks me out. There's a ballet in the way she moves- how, I can't explain, but it's rooted in her masterful dance and mime background.
Julie is the woman that got my Labido kick-started in the late 60s. Even Batman had a hard time resisting her.
Pat grabbed my ear right after high school and never let go. What range- vocally and musically.
Christie is another model headed for bigger and better things. The sky's the limit.
Princess Diana is as near a Saint as one gets in this century. What a tragedy that we sacrificed her life to sell bird cage liners.
Tara started as a nude model and from there, went in the (majority judgement) 'wrong' direction. An adult film star with an 'anything-goes' itinerary, I've seen only stills of her 'work' so far, and regardless of your morals, her looks are anything but trash.
Julia may have been sent by the devil to corrupt us all. Then again, she could be a gift from the 'Big Guy'! Whatever she is, reality slips away and I get woozy at the sight of her. Julia already has a large cult following, fueled by her appearances in several adult magazines including Penthouse. She also tours Men's Clubs around the country but has her eyes on bigger, better things. Thus far, she's only had a few minor roles in less-than-major films and TV shows, but she's on her way! Check out The Julia Hayes Worship Webring(created by...ME!)

More to come......;)

Send me your every thought!

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