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Each provides a wealth of info, including MPAA ratings, plot, professional reviews by and All Movie Guide, cast , character and crew names, and much, much more. Most also have my own rating (scale of 1 to 10) and some have comments of my own added on.

They are arranged numerically, then alphabetically (0 to 9, then A to Z). Films beginning ‘A’, ‘An’ or ‘The’ are sorted by the next word in their title. ‘The Terminator’ is under ‘Ter’, and so on. Concerts and Stand Up Comedians (one person shows) are sorted by the artist’s last name first. ‘Sheryl Crow’ is found under ‘Cro’, etc.

10 ..A.I| Aby..Ali| Ali..Ame| Ami..Ass| At ..Bat| Bat..Bat| Bea..Big| Bir..Bow| Bra..Bul| But..Cha| Cha..Cle| Cle..Con| Con..Cri| Cri..Cur| D.R..De-| Dev..Doo| Dow..E.T| Ene..Fal| Fer..Fin| Fir..Fou| Fra..Gam| Gat..Glo| God..Gro| Gum..Hea| Hea..Hit| Hot..In | In ..Int| Int..Kin| Kin..Leg| Leg..Lon| Lon..Man| Man..McL| McL..Mex| Mid..Mon| Mon..Mov| Mur..No | NYP..Out| Out..Per| Per..Pla| Pla..Pri| Pri..Rea| Rea..Rev| Rig..Ron| Run..Sev| Sev..Sin| Six..Spa| Spe..Sta| Sta..Sta| Sta..Sta| Sta..Sta| Ste..Sum| Sup..Ter| Thi..Tit| Tom..Toy| Tra..UFO| UFO..Van| Van..Wal| War..Wes| Wes..Wol| Wra..zWT| zWT..zz-
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10 Things I Hate About You

12 Monkeys



2 Days in the Valley

2001 - A Space Odyssey

2010 - The Year We Make Contact

A.I. Artificial Intelligence