Our 1973 AMC Javelin

The parts car for our red '74 AMX
which can be seen

April 13, 2003: I took an hour today and loosely re-installed the Javelin's grillework and bumper, so it wouldn't look so much like a derelict to the neighbors.

Note the *HUGE* front bumper guards (A 1974 option, so this isn't the car's original bumper).


That's the AMX back there, under the cover.


April 11, 2003: After a month of wondering if I'd be able to handle the work that the red AMX needs, a Javelin parts car popped up and has just about every piece of metal the AMX needs! I towed home this 1973 Javelin from Delaware yesterday- a four-hour trip each way.

En route, I spotted this '78 Concord headed back to Florida...a good omen!


The rear bumper, tail light panel, valance and quarters are all great, and only the inner rockers need some work inside. It looks like I'll have a nice bunch of spare parts, too!




It has no engine, transmission or driveshaft, but the original bumper, grille and lights are in the trunk, all in poor shape, but 'usable' if you're desperate. The interior has been gutted, too, but that made inspection of the floors nice and easy.
            It's gonna be a busy summer!