Our 1973 AMC Javelin AMX Pierre Cardin

Rough, but nearly complete and very fixable!

July 26, 2004: I won this car on eBay two weeks ago and towed it home on Saturday, the 17th.


Back in 1999, my mother-in-law saw this car running around Morristown, NJ. Then, she saw it sitting at a gas station after the car’s owner’s girlfriend crashed it into a fire hydrant (on purpose to prove a point...?). I went looking for it, but didn’t find it.


In October, 2000, it turned up at a home in Ironia, NJ. The seller was selling it for his brother who worked at a junkyard that received the car. At that time, I didn’t have the cash to buy it.


I didn’t see the car again until July, 2004, when it turned up in Howell, NJ, for sale by another junkyard worker who saved it from his employer’s yard. Is this car cursed or blessed? You decide... but she did excape the crusher by inches TWICE!


It is a '73 Javelin-AMX with the 360 Go pak and Pierre Cardin interior. All the functional cowl induction gear is there and the interior is real nice- just dirty. It has tilt wheel, rally gauges, twin-grip rear, 15" Rally wheels (well....two of them, anyway) and even had a front spoiler (now broken but complete). A well-optioned and fairly rare variation of a humpster.


I look and see some rust issues, but not as bad as my '74 AMX. This '73 is hit in the nose while my '74 is hit in the rear. This car has a tired-but-running 360, and my '74 has a “10k miles rebuild” 401. I'm probably better off just passing this car onto someone with more funds to really do a first-class resto on it. But the temptation to combine the two cars to make nice one is strong.


The first junkyard surrendered the title to NJ's DMV, so I'm going to use a title service to generate a new one via either VA, NY or PA...depending on which friend

offers to assist. I can't try for an NJ title as the VIN is considered 'junked' and gone by the state, as NJ doesn't allow for vehicles to leave a yard once the title is turned in.



Factory Equipment (see ‘Condition’, below, for current equipment):


‘P1’ Classic Black paint

‘341W’ Black ‘Pierre Cardin’ Interior

q       360 ‘Go’ package, includes:

ü      360-cid-4-barrel V8 engine

ü      Twin-Grip rear differential, 3.54:1 ratio

ü      Dual Exhaust

ü      Rally-Pac Gauges, adds:

·         Ammeter

·         Oil Pressure Gauge

·         Tachometer/Clock combination (Tick-Tach)

·         140mph Speedometer

ü      Handling Package

·         Heavy Duty Springs

·         Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

ü      Heavy Duty Engine Cooling Package

·         Heavy Duty Radiator

·         Power-flex Fan

·         Fan shroud

ü      15” Rallye Wheels

ü      Hood ‘T’-stripe

ü      Tail panel blackout

ü      Power Disc Brakes

q       Front underbody spoiler

q       A727 Torque-Command (TorqueFlight) automatic transmission

q       Power Steering

q       Adjust-O-Tilt Steering

q       Air Conditioning

q       AM/FM Radio push-button radio with four speakers

Current Condition (March 2003):


VIN: A3C798P3403_ _


Door Tag Codes:

            106865 [Sequence number assigned at Kenosha Body Plant]

            7379-8 [73=1973, 7=Javelin model, 9=2-door hardtop, 8=AMX variant]

            341W [Black ‘Pierre Cardin’ fabric interior trim]

            P1 [‘Classic Black’ exterior paint]

            W107489 [107,489th 1974-model AMC vehicle completed on the East assembly line of the Kenosha Final Assembly Plant,

May 1973 (starting number was ‘000001’)]


Mileage: 91,840.1 (Documented Original)