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AMC/Rambler vehicles at the four corners of the Earth!!
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  • '71 JavelinAMX in Estonia (as in Eastern Europe!) Lauri Laupmaa sent in the picture of this local treasure!
  • Ralph Freckmann's JavelinAMX This one is in Germany!
    Rear angle

  • Stuart Fitchett's '64 Rambler Classic sedan An AMI/ Rambler in New Zealand!
    Rear angle
  • Lennart Mäkinen's '71 Javelin SST! Kenosha invades SWEDEN!
    This is the 'before' picture...the car is reaching the end of it's restoration...see the next picture!
  • Lennart Mäkinen's '71 Javelin SST! This is the recent repaint!

  • An Australian 1972 Rambler Hornet SST!! A 5 year project ends in success! Note the right-hand drive!
    The 'Before' shot! The work in progress! The PowerPlant....a Holden V8
  • David Clark's '67 Rambler Rebel! This one prowls around New Zealand! Originally a 232, David has transplanted a 304 into the bay.
  • David Clark's '66 Rambler Classic! A 287-V8 and loaded with options! This one was brought down-under by it's former American owner, and was not converted to right-hand drive.

  • These four pictures are of a 1974 JavelinAMX, owned by Mark Scriven and brought into Australia by Vaneed Motors in 1976. It is one of TWO cars shipped over at that time and converted to right-hand drive....Vaneed even went further than AMI ever did on the previous Ramblers by re-working the wipers to reverse them as well!! Further making this car an oddity is the fact that this JavAMX was originally a Canadian car! While the other car sold quickly, this one languished at the dealership until someone there decided to modify it by adding a Corvette hood scoop, de-chroming and de-badging it, and then repainting it red. By 1984. it was in sorry shape, but it's new owner set out to restore it with parts sourced from the good ol' USA. The other one has yet to be found. Nice ride, eh?

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