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Kenosha, July 22nd, 1998

Well, the big Kenosha Transportation Homecoming has come and gone, and I'm back in Jersey wishing I were still in Kenosha. It's hard to imagine the event could have been any better.

NOTE: If you recognize a car shown and you know who owns it, let me know, so I can give them the credit they deserve!

I set out on Wednesday the 22nd at 5:20am, headed across Pennsylvania along route 80, and by 1:15pm, I arrived in Cleveland Ohio (whoever laid out the streets in that town should be flayed) and made a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which I found rather uninspired, but I'll move on...). Then I had dinner at the intentionally messy, obnoxiously staffed (and quite fun) Dick's restaurant, before making way to my hotel room for the night.

On to Thursday...