The Alabama Department of Public Safety
AMC Javelin Highway Patrol/Pursuit cars



In case you think itís all about the looks,

see the above photo to witness the car being put through its paces in August 2005!

Squeal that rubber!!




Hereís a neat shot of Mattís ride with the ADPS markings and equipment removed.



10-09-2005: Edwin Sanow sold this car a few months ago to Matt McLaughlin of Concord (as in AMC Concord?), California. Matt has plans to continue shaping this car into a more exacting clone of an ADPS car, beginning with replacing the tan AMX interior with a proper blue Wellington vinyl SST interior.


The following four shots were taken in August 2005 in North Aurora, Illinois at the Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show.

The action shot above is from the same eventís Emergency Vehicle Operation Course.






The display includes stills from the History Channels ĎAutomaniací episode that featured Mattís car.



This photo best indicates the carís true colorÖsilver with a hint of green. 



These photos are of a sharp replica of an ADPS Javelin built by Edwin Sanow.


It is actually a 1972 Javelin-AMX that he has converted the exterior of so that it looks like an original police car.


It has several Ďgive awaysí that clue you in that it isnít a Ďrealí police Javelin,

such as the optional bumper guards (the ADPS didnít order these for their patrol cars)

and the tan interior with AMX trim.


And no passenger door mirrors were ordered- only the driverís door got one and

it should be the more basic Ďovalí swivel head version.


Also, the spoiler decal is cut to fit neatly around the keyhole depression,

while the real cars simply had the decals cut straight and applied further apart.

Only the restored ADPS Javelin in Talladega has the decal cut like Edís car,

but it was a replacement, put on in 1997.

All photos of the real cars while in actual service show the decal cut straight.


Sure, he could have gone all the way, but this way, itís clear the car is a homage to the original cars,

not an attempt to pass it off as the real deal. Kudos, Ed!



Yea, thatís Sgt. Ed Sanow at the wheel of this replica in his own Indiana police uniform.

It just doesnít look like the kind of police car youíd think about trying to outrun, eh?

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