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12-18-2005: Here is a recent photo of Jeff Kennedy’s unmarked Trooper Javelin. You can see it still wears its original paint from the cowl, back. Also note the black interior that the rest of us Trooper Javelin owners wish all the cars had gotten.

These three shots are of the only known surviving UNMARKED ’71 ADPS Javelin.

Owned by Jeff Kennedy of 'Kennedy American' in West Jefferson, Ohio, this car is 'Baja Bronze'.
Note the use of TWO AMC logos between the rear glass and decklid. This was done after the car was sold by the ADPS to conceal the antenna holes.


This left shot shows the property number on the firewall. The other pic shows the butchered console, cut to mount the two-way radio in a more hidden location than found on the marked patrol Javelins.


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