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comes up with an amidship-engined beauty

Someone on our side of the Atlantic has finally gotten with it. The now thinking in chassis design is mid-engined. And, whoops, American Motors has sneaked through again with the AMX/2. It looks like a Group 7 bomb, but who knows, maybe you'll be driving something similar in a couple of years. AMX/2's sloped front section, made possible by the mid-engine design, merges with a raked windshield and roofline, forming a smoothly swept out line that ends in a functional spoiler. Overall length is 171.5 inches and wheelbase is 105 inches. It's about five inches shorter overall than a '69 AMX production model while wheelbase is eight inches longer. Power is from an American Motors V-8 of advanced design and features a trans-axle which eliminates the conventional driveline and provides direct transmission of engine power to the rear wheeled A four- wheel, fully independent suspension is also used. Air for engine cooling and interior ventilation goes through a scoop below the front bumpers. A front located radiator is mounted in a near horizontal position, Extra wide racing tires are mounted on 15 x 8.5-inch mag wheels in front and 15 x gas-inch wheels in the rears. Overall height is only 43 inches, so you'll be sitting low to the ground.

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