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The Caped Canadian:
These photos and info below were taken from the Spring 1996 issue of 'Model and Toy Collector' magazine and an issue of Car Modeler magazine. This car is a combination of two replicas into one and may soon become a licensed 'Barris Kustoms' recognized car- even tho it wasn't built by Barris! Sadly, this car may never come to the USA as a stipulation of it's 'authentication' by Barris is that it never be shown south of the border....Barris apparently feels there's enough Batmobiles in the US without confusing matters more.
All this leaves me a bit troubled. *IF* this car becomes an 'officially Barris-sanctioned Batmobile', do I need to stop calling it a replica? Do I then call it number 6?
The pictures are black and white and scanned from photo-copies, so I apologize for the lack of detail.
The two grainy color pics were snapped by Jim A.. The clearer color shots by (oops!..who??).

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