Greenwood Lake’s “Champagne Lady”

or ‘The New Jersey Connie


Specifications and Advertising




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Technical Information for the Model L-049 Model Constellations.


This section will attempt to provide the most complete listing of specifications for the Model L-049 Constellations I can gather. It may start out rather small, but I expect to expand it greatly as I gather more information. Rest assured, I plan to provide far more than just length, width and height and its top speed. I will also try to provide cross-reference information to other Constellation models where they relate directly to the L-049 in some significant way.


Lockheed Constellation, Model L-049-46

Lockheed’s first civilian Constellation Model

Construction # 2072

Air France’s first Constellation

Initial registration:

F-BAZA (Air France), 1946-1950

Subsequent registration:

N9412H, 1950-present



Wingspan:                                    123 feet


Wing Area                                      1650 square feet


Length                                            95 feet, 3 inches (97 feet, 5 inches with retrofitted weather radar nose)


Height                                             23 feet, 8 inches


Cabin Length                               64 feet, 9 inches


Cabin Width                                  10 feet, 8.6 inches


Cabin Height                                  6 feet, 6 inches


Empty Weight                               48,630 to 49,392 pounds


Engines Type                               R-3350-BA-3


Engines Power                            8,800 horsepower (2,200 hp per engine)


Maximum Takeoff Weight         86,250 pounds


Maximum Landing Weight        75,000 pounds


Maximum Payload                      18,423 pounds


Maximum Speed                          339 miles per hour (295 knots)


Cruise Speed                               313 miles per hour (272 knots)


Range w/ Maximum Fuel           3,995 miles (3,470 nautical miles)


Range w/ Maximum Payload    2,290 miles


Service Ceiling                             25,300 feet



Quantity Produced                     88 *


Construction numbers              1961 thru 1980 (20 units) and

                                                         2021 thru 2088 (68 units)


* Note: The first 14 planes and the 19th plane ( C/n’s 1961-1974 and 1979), a total of 15 planes, were constructed as military model C-69 variations due to the US’ entry into World War Two, but most never saw any military usage as they were completed too late in the war. They were returned to Lockheed’s upgrades and alterations subsidiary to be converted to L-049 specs for commercial airline use while production of more new L-049s continued at the factory.





This section showcases a few of the more interesting (to me) advertisements that feature the Constellation. I’m most interested in those that feature clear, descriptive and accurate artwork and photos. The words are not often the reason I include an ad.


( Click any image for a large-scale version of the complete ad. )


Lockheed Ad

Time Magazine, February 4, 1946


Lockheed Ad

Time Magazine, April 29, 1946


Air France Ad

Time Magazine, July 21, 1947


US 15-cent stamps


Republic of Guinea stamps

(note the Air France livery)